Shaka Shredders Available on Kickstarter – The Debut of Swaptop Cards!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals is for you who enjoy card games, deck-building games, or even if you just like looking at radical animals hanging ten. You’ll learn to play in 15 minutes, but you’ll spend hours (or years, in my case) perfecting your strategy with 1,600 different cards to build using magnetic components. More specifically, the game is a two player, … Read More

Launching Into Kickstarter in January 2020

DOWNEY, CA – January 14, 2020 – Shaka Shredders, the world’s first magnetic Swaptop™ card game rides the waves into retail stores in 2020 as Sunslap Studios debuts its Extreme Sports-inspired Swaptop Card Game featuring funky animal superstars. Millions of years ago, a meteor made of mysterious shaka stone crashed into the ocean where erupting volcanoes eventually formed a small island … Read More

Shaka Shredders Season 1 Rivalry: Kokonut vs. Shredzilla (A Brief History)

Talk about bad vibrations. When you think about it, the Bros and Tikis were destined not to get along. The Bros are overly aggressive, vain jocks that love to flex their muscles and kick sand–or throw snowballs–at any “loser” unfortunate enough to cross their path. Tiki’s are comic-lovin’, anime-watching poindexters that are smarter than the Bros because they’ve read more … Read More

Shaka Shredder Bios: Dr. Kokonut, Shredzilla, and Ripper

When he was small, he dreamed of becoming a Shaka Shredder, just like his mother Plantana and grandfather Lokotan. It was love at first sight really. His first experience in the stadium was as a young child, up in the stands with family friends as they all energetically cheered for his mother and grandfather, the two best Skaters on the … Read More

Shakana Weekly – Week 2

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “Ok, Mr. Fancy Pants, if you expect me to believe this load of bunk, then why has this fantastical island not yet been discovered by the world?” To that I say, first–leave my pants out of it. These double-pleated tweed beauties are NOT to be mocked. Second, ever hear of a little beauty called … Read More

Shakapedia: The Most Strange Origin Story of Shakana Island – One Hypothesis

Millions of years ago, a massive asteroid struck Earth, wiping out the dinosaurs and changing the course of natural evolution forever. But that is only half the story. Because while one species was brought to extinction…another SECRET age of evolution began, or so we think, as the following is only one hypothesis as to the origins of the island of … Read More

Shakana Weekly – Week 1

Dr. Kokonut, former #1 draft pick for the Geeky Freakies, and grandson of the late Hall of Fame skater Lokotan, is both the dean of Tiki Tech University and captain of their skate team who train right here in Geeky Tiki Valley. The Tiki Tech Lasers have been Northern conference champions over the Geeky Freakies since the university’s founding 5 … Read More

Enter the Shakaverse: Banana Shakana Noctera

BANANA SHAKANA NOCTERA: Early in his career, Dr. Kokonut hypothesized that the fruit growing on Shakana contained trace amounts of Shaka Stone minerals. He realized that the soil, along with nearly everything else on Shakana, was riddled with microscopic Shaka Stone fragments and particles that flowed into every living thing on the island. He also hypothesized that a large Shaka … Read More

The World’s First Swaptop Card Game – Shaka Shredders: Rivals!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals – The Grotto Goons vs Tiki Tech Lasers is the first available game set of Shaka Shredders Season 1, featuring two tribal teams whose athletes grew up in very different environments on the hidden island of Shakana. The Tiki Tech Lasers are a team of skateboarders from Tiki Tech University located in Geeky Tiki Valley and are … Read More