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Ok I have a few questions

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what age is this for mostly and also if I buy the game will updates or new cards be free or were they cost more ? And if so how much ? I know some times with kickstarter early adopters get perks

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Thanks for the great questions!

Shaka Shredders is for Ages 10+.

The first game box will be available this summer on Kickstarter, and as a perk our backers will ALSO receive a year's subscription to all of our digital content. That content will depend on the stretch goals we reach during the Kickstarter campaign! So the more people who support us, the more rewards for everyone! Some of these perks may be: digital card collections, animated characters, comics, a video game, and more!

If the Kickstarter goes well, we will be making new game boxes with more cards available to our players that will be sold separately, but at an affordable price!

-Dr. K

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Plans for the 4th? Destruction. Followed by more destruction.
9:24 . 7/4/19

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Anyone heard of Kickstarter?
1:23 . 9/1/19

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Mal Mako

Let's be honest, The Grotto Goons is where it's at.
7:16 . 8/13/19

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Get 'em while they're hot! Tiki Tech Lasers decks hot off the press!
11:13 . 8/28/19

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