Shaka Shredders Available on Kickstarter – The Debut of Swaptop Cards!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals is for you who enjoy card games, deck-building games, or even if you just like looking at radical animals hanging ten. You'll learn to play in 15 minutes, but you'll spend hours (or years, in my case) perfecting your strategy with 1,600 different cards to build using magnetic components. More specifically, the game is a two player, competitive card-building game where players get to customize each of their own cards before and during game play. It pits 2 tribal, extreme sports teams against one another in an Olympic style tournament, played with patented, magnetic cards that allow players to interchange or "swap" 2 cards' characters. Opposing players each draw a hand of five cards then take turns drawing a card, playing up to one card from their hand AND making up to one character "swap." Challenge your opponent's cards to trick-battles to see who's got the sweeter moves while pandering to your tribe's fans to increase the score. Points called "CHEER" are earned when opponents fail to defend against performed tricks, and the first player to reach 20 CHEERS wins.

Our goal was to make the first modular card game where players not only get to deck-build, but also card-build using the highest quality materials. The game can be played anywhere since the cards are water-resistant and crease-resistant, and they can also be shown off proudly on a refrigerator or similar surface (we went nuts and found all kinds of funny places, like mom's SUV...) Whether you decide to roll with technical, skating geniuses or rowdy, surfing beach bums, get ready to duke it out. May the sickest tricks prevail.

- Gregory & the Entire Shaka Shredders Family

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We decided to put this project on Kickstarter because crowdfunding was really our only option. To meet minimum order requirements, we need to build a community of players who want to be apart of the game's development. We have 2 decks of cards so far, but with your support we can add more teams, more cards, and more mechanics to the game! It's why we are giving ALL of our backers who pledge $9 or more a chance to VOTE on which Shaka Shredders are coming next! We truly need your help in making this game the best it can be. If you're ready to blow the whistle and start practicing with your Shaka Shredders, please back us and we'll see you in the arena, coach!


- The Shaka Shredders & Your Adoring Fans

About the Cards

We named them Swaptop cards, and they're like no card you've ever played with before. Each Swaptop card is made up of 3 separate magnetic cards:

  • Slate Card - The size of a typical playing card that holds the 2 smaller portions in place
  • Slab Card - A top portion that snaps onto the Slate card
  • Slice Card - A bottom portion that snaps onto the Slate card, directly beneath the Slab card

These 3 portions together form a complete Swaptop card that's water-resistant, crease-resistant, and magnetic.

The Origin Story

I grew up playing all sorts of games with my dad - games like baseball, basketball, soccer and tennis, but I had the most fun when we would come home and play video games and card games together. He told me to always follow my passion, and to never regret doing so. So I did just that, and here we are on Kickstarter. I remember a specific moment, holding my 2 favorite cards from a popular card game. One card had the coolest monster I ever saw, but with a rather pointless card ability. The other card's creature wasn't nearly as cool to me, but it had a sweet, powerful attack that I felt was unstoppable. I longingly imagined the ferociously awesome hybrid card that could have existed. Why oh why did the developers of that game bestow my beloved monster with such a weak, ineffective attack? Many years later, while I was minding my own business, a crazy idea came to me:

The Swaptop Card Prototype

Nobody believed we could make a real-life, "modular" card game where players could physically alter and customize their own cards in a practical and repeatable way. They said it could only work as a digital card game, unrestrained by the laws of physics. But I vowed to defy those laws...WITH MAGNETS!

The Incredible Properties of Swaptop Cards

The results were magnetic, 3-piece cards that could be rebuilt over and over again. They were durable, so you could play without fear of your cards wearing down. They were water-resistant, so you could easily rinse away debris and confidently play anywhere. They were...

Swaptop Cards!

Suddenly, I felt all these fuzzy feelings rush through me...

When You Find Out Cards Can Swap Abilities

That same year, I came up with an idea for a card game that uses this technology about an island of gnarly extreme sports fanatics who love to put on the greatest show never before seen...

Shaka Shredders!

As we created this card game, we realized there was a real story to tell. A story about different tribes who didn't always get along, but who were unified in their pursuit of the same thing - The Shaka Shredders Championship Trophy. It's what makes sports in general so great. The act of coming together, for anything big or small, can make everything worth it.

So alongside the card game, we created the first installment of a digital comic strip that starts to tell the stories of every character in the Shaka Shredders Universe. We came up with a lot of characters, and many of them didn't make it into this card game, but that could change with your help! I would love to continue the comic series and discover who else is coming to Shakana!

Who's that blue gorilla? How did an 80 million-year-old raptor end up in Geeky Tiki Valley? Exactly how long has Toober been stuck within that inner tube? Answers to those pressing questions and more could be coming your way via new comics!

For the sake of our Kickstarter video, I also went ahead and animated my favorite characters (some didn't fit into this card game, but could be included in future decks.) They're in our Kickstarter video, but not every character in the card game has been animated, at least not yet. I would love to continue to invest in more animations and share them on for our backers!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals is about 2 teams, 2 tribes who grew up in very different environments on the hidden island of Shakana. The Tiki Tech Lasers are part of Tiki Tech University in Geeky Tiki Valley, a school where the island's brightest students study hard to change the world for the better, led by their dean and captain, Dr. Kokonut. The Grotto Goons on the other hand, well they don't much like school. They're a mafioso family from Bro-Magnon Beach who skipped the whole education thing and opted for more immediate results in life. The Shark Bro's run a "catering business", the old timers are in "construction", and the sports jocks own their own "fitness gym". What unifies them is their love of competition, being the best, and their beloved captain, Shredzilla, the toughest crocodile the world has ever known, well except for maybe his dad, but he mysteriously disappeared many years ago when pirates invaded the island. Now they're back again…