Shaka Shredders Season 1 Rivalry: Kokonut vs. Shredzilla (A Brief History)

Dr. Kokonut

Talk about bad vibrations. When you think about it, the Bros and Tikis were destined not to get along.

The Bros are overly aggressive, vain jocks that love to flex their muscles and kick sand--or throw snowballs--at any “loser” unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Tiki’s are comic-lovin’, anime-watching poindexters that are smarter than the Bros because they’ve read more books than “See Spot Run”.

Like lions and gazelles, these two are natural enemies.

Further complicating the rivalry is the fact that the two faction leaders started as two brothas from anotha motha. KOKO and SHREDZILLA were once like brothers when they were young. You couldn’t find two tighter friends on the entire island. Often it was Koko who would stand up for the scrawny Shred when other kids teased him about his fear of water. A fear Koko suspected stemmed from the fact Shred’s father was swallowed by a sea monster.

Then, one fateful day young Koko urged Shred to conquer his water phobia by coming out in a boat with him. Shred reluctantly agreed. He was terrified, but he trusted his best friend Koko. Once they were adrift far from shore, Koko even managed to convince Shred to take off his water wings.

And that is when tragedy struck.

A GIANT SEA MONSTER attacked them, turning the boat over and flinging Koko and Shred into the sea. A tentacle from the monster pulled the terrified young Shred down into the depths of the murky water. Koko desperately swam after to save his friend. He eventually caught up with them, and after an intense underwater struggle, managed to pull Shred from the grip of the slimy beast.

Despite Shred’s panicked flailing, Koko pulled Shred all the way to shore. Other kids were on the beach, and laughed at how scared Shred was. With tears of pain and embarrassment in his eye, Shred blamed Koko for making his life much, much worse. He ran from Koko before Koko could say a single word. Koko could only watch him go, his head low with shame and regret.

And thus their brotherly bond was shattered. Shred reinvented himself as “SHREDZILLA,” turning his body into monstrously muscular bully smashing machine. He still wears water wings, but any unfortunate soul that teases him about it will be suckin’ supper through a straw for a month.

And most importantly, he never forgave Koko, and swore revenge against him. ‘Til this day their animosity is the bedrock to the Bro/Tiki rivalry!