The World’s First Swaptop Card Game – Shaka Shredders: Rivals!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals Game Box
Interactive, dynamic and challenging! Shaka Shredders is the world’s first customizable, magnetic card game played with Swaptop™ cards. Build a superstar roster of geeky, technical skaters and goony, school-skipping surfers, then lead your team against one or more opponents. Patented cards allow you to mix and match funky animal athletes and gnarly abilities before and during the game to create custom cards that best fit the situation. Win by earning 20 “CHEER” points from your fans as you score big tricks against the opposition. Boost each of your Trick cards with Assist cards, and disrupt your opponents with Diss cards that throw them off balance. May the sneakiest coach win!

Shaka Shredders: Rivals - The Grotto Goons vs Tiki Tech Lasers is the first available game set of Shaka Shredders Season 1, featuring two tribal teams whose athletes grew up in very different environments on the hidden island of Shakana.

The Tiki Tech Lasers are a team of skateboarders from Tiki Tech University located in Geeky Tiki Valley and are supported by their tribe of Geeky Tiki fans. It’s a school for the island's brightest students who study hard to change the world, led by their dean and captain, Dr. Kokonut. Both students and faculty make up the roster such as the strict, yet beloved voodoo history teacher Mrs. Rafari, celebrity school custodian Paulie Pinz, and star pupil Pinpoint, the baby prodigy.

The Grotto Goons on the other hand, well they don't much like school. They're a mafioso family from Bro-Magnon Beach who skipped the whole education thing and opted for more immediate results in life. The Shark Bro's run a "catering business" that caters to sometimes nefarious requests, Old timers like Slow Moe own “Shady Palms Construction and Real Estate” with an emphasis on “shady”, and the sports jock Huck Forest runs his own "Goon’s Gym" where athletes train unorthodox maneuvers like “The Noogie” and “The Charlie Horse”. What unifies them is their love of competition, being the best, and their beloved captain, Shredzilla,